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Press Releases

Freedom House condemns the arrest of three democracy activists during a peaceful demonstration in Bahrain today and calls on authorities to immediately release the two that remain in custody, Zainab al Khawaja and Masooma al Sayed.

Freedom House supports the Global Online Freedom Act (GOFA) 2.0, which was introduced today in the U.S. Congress as H.R. 3605. The bill, which would hinder the ability of U.S. companies to sell surveillance and censorship technologies to repressive governments, is crucial to the promotion of global internet freedom.

On December 4, despite blatant and desperate efforts by the Russian leadership and the party of power, United Russia, to skew results in their favor, Russian voters sent a strong message of discontent to long-serving leader Vladimir Putin. The rampant harassment of opposition and civil society groups, cyber attacks on liberal platforms like Live Journal and the independent election monitoring organization GOLOS, and pervasive fraud and ballot stuffing were not able to hide the fact that many Russians have grown tired with the corrupt status quo and all that United Russia represents. While United Russia received 64 percent of the vote in the 2007 Duma elections, they were in 2011 unable to win even 50 percent of the vote.

Freedom House condemns the attacks on Russia’s only credible national independent election monitor, the Golos Association, and calls on the government to immediately end its legal and media assault on the group.

In advance of the first visit by a United States Secretary of State to Burma in 50 years, Freedom House urges Secretary Hillary Clinton to seize this critical moment and push for greater human rights and democratic reforms in the country.

Freedom House condemns yesterday’s sentencing of Ales Bialiatski, prominent Belarusian human rights defender and head of the Human Rights Center “Viasna,” to 4.5 years in prison on politically motivated charges and calls for his immediate release.

Freedom House, a member of the International Partnership Group on Freedom of Expression in Macedonia, urges the government of Macedonia to take steps to improve the deteriorating situation for free speech and media freedom in the country.


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