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The Bahraini Government’s refusal to allow a Freedom House delegation to visit the country calls into serious question its stated intent to engage in meaningful reform. 

The political uprisings that have swept the Arab world over the past year represent the most significant challenge to authoritarian rule since the collapse of Soviet communism, according to Freedom in the World 2012.

Freedom House's Board of Trustees today issued a statement in response to the recent raids by Egyptian authorities on Freedom House’s Cairo office and those of several other NGOs (domestic and international).

The raid of Freedom House’s office and those of several other NGOs in Cairo by Egyptian security forces today constitutes an unprecedented assault on international civil society organizations and their local Egyptian partners. Freedom House strongly condemns the raid and calls for authorities to cease the unwarranted attacks and release confiscated property immediately.

Donors, who provide approximately half of Cambodia’s national budget, should make clear to the Cambodian government that the fourth draft of the Law on Associations and NGOs (LANGO) must be revised to protect civil society or be withdrawn, a group of concerned international human rights organizations said today. Any revisions should involve meaningful consultation with civil society organizations and aim to support their activities instead of creating a legal framework allowing for arbitrary closure of organizations or the denial of registration.

Freedom House denounces the Kyrgyz Supreme Court’s decision on December 20, 2011, to uphold the life sentence for ethnic Uzbek human rights defender Azimjan Askarov and long-term sentences for seven other ethnic Uzbeks, all citizens of Kyrgyzstan. They were convicted in September 2010, of organizing ethnic clashes and involvement in the murder of a policeman.

On the one-year anniversary of the violent crackdown and mass arrests in Belarus following fraudulent presidential elections, Freedom House remains gravely concerned with continued human rights abuses in the country and calls for increased pressure from the West against the Lukashenka regime and stronger solidarity with pro-democratic actors in Belarus.


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