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Press Releases

Yesterday's detention of former Ukrainian prime minister and leader of the oppositionist Fatherland party, Yulia Tymoshenko, confirms Freedom House’s concerns regarding increased selective prosecution of political opponents in Ukraine, highlighted in its recent report, “Sounding the Alarm: Protecting Democracy in Ukraine.”

The recent murders of two journalists amid ongoing violence against the media in Honduras, as well as the failure of Honduran authorities to bring the perpetrators to justice, are further indications of the country’s alarming decline in press freedom, according to Freedom House.

Freedom House condemns the death sentences of two Bahraini citizens upheld by a special appeals court on Sunday, and calls upon authorities to take measures to ensure the rights of citizens to due process and to end its efforts to persecute those who have demonstrated for political reform.

Freedom House condemns President Ali Abdullah Saleh’s continued efforts to thwart the transition process in Yemen and calls upon him to begin the process of turning over power to an interim government until elections can be called.

Freedom House urges the European Union to adopt economic sanctions against Belarus strongman Aleksander Lukashenka when EU foreign ministers meet on Monday. The deteriorating human rights situation in Belarus demands strong and urgent action by the EU and United States beyond the visa ban and asset freeze imposed on January 31.

Freedom House is deeply concerned about the passing of a constitutional referendum in Ecuador that will give President Correa undue influence over the country’s media, as well as its judiciary.

Freedom House calls upon members of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) to prioritize the domestic human rights records of candidate countries, as well as the candidates’ voting records on human rights issues at the UN, when casting ballots for the UN Human Rights Council elections on Friday. Additionally, Freedom House calls for regional groups to support competitive slates in future Council elections.


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