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Press Releases

Freedom House condemns the brutal tactics employed by the government of Swaziland against the country’s peaceful pro-democracy movement and calls upon authorities to respect the constitutional rights of Swazi citizens to freedom of expression and assembly.

Freedom House condemns the Cuban government’s refusal to allow activist and blogger Yoani Sanchez to travel to Copenhagen, Denmark to collect the Danish Center for Political Studies (CEPOS) Freedom Award and calls upon the Cuban government to respect the right to free movement of all its citizens.

La violencia del narcotráfico, el aumento de ataques contra periodistas y la inestabilidad política contribuyeron a un significativo deterioro de la libertad de prensa en México y Honduras durante el 2010, según un estudio anual de Freedom House publicado hoy.

The number of people worldwide with access to free and independent media declined to its lowest level in over a decade, according a Freedom House study released today. The report, Freedom of the Press 2011: A Global Survey of Media Independence, found that a number of key countries—including Egypt, Honduras, Hungary, Mexico, South Korea, Thailand, Turkey, and Ukraine—experienced significant declines, producing a global landscape in which only one in six people live in countries with a press that is designated Free. Among the report’s major findings.

Freedom House commends the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) for passing a resolution today at a special session on Syria calling for an investigation of human rights abuses in that country, including the deaths of hundreds of Syrian civilians at the hands of the government.

One year into Viktor Yanukovych’s presidency, Ukraine has experienced a disturbing decline in democratic practices and human rights that, if unchecked, threatens a return to the authoritarianism of the country’s pre-Orange Revolution period, according to a special report -- Sounding the Alarm: Protecting Democracy in Ukraine -- released today by Freedom House.

Freedom House strongly condemns the crackdown on journalists and blocking of access to social media sites by the Ugandan government during recent unrest. Ugandan authorities should use restraint against protesters and ensure the rights of journalists, and all Ugandan citizens, to freedom of expression.


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