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Press Releases

The attack Wednesday on an American diplomat by Vietnamese police officers is a blatant violation of diplomatic protocol and an example of ongoing efforts by the Vietnamese government to stifle dissent, according to Freedom House.

Freedom House condemns today’s arrest of Tunisian cyber activists, Slim Amamou, Azyz Amami, Hamadi Kaloutcha and rapper Hamada Ben Omar and urges the government to release them immediately and without charges.

Freedom House condemns yesterday’s arrest of eight Muslim activists in Egypt, who were peacefully protesting in solidarity with Coptic Christians

Freedom House strongly condemns the brutal killing of Governor Salman Taseer of the Punjab Province of Pakistan, who was murdered because of his support for the repeal of the country’s archaic blasphemy law, and strongly urges the Pakistani government to repeal the law immediately.

Freedom House is deeply concerned about repressive measures used by Tunisian authorities in response to the current protests and political unrest in the country.

Freedom House today condemned the finding of a Moscow court that Russian businessmen Mikhail Khodorkovsky and Platon Lebedev were guilty of charges that either duplicate or contradict charges of which they were convicted nearly seven years ago.

Freedom House commends U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and European Union High Representative Catherine Ashton for their joint statement today, calling on Belarusian authorities to release imprisoned presidential candidates and protesters


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