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Press Releases

The arrest of opposition leader Mario Masuku on the frivolous charge of publicly saying the name of his political party,

Namibia and South Africa saw noteworthy declines in press freedom in 2009

Freedom House is extremely disappointed by the decision of the United Nations General Assembly to elect conspicuously unqualified candidates-including Libya

The Egyptian Parliament’s decision today to extend the emergency law severely hurts the prospects for the upcoming parliamentary and presidential elections

Freedom House condemns continued efforts by the Iranian government to silence its detractors, including the May 9 execution of five political prisoners

Two UN watchdog organizations today urged the United Nations General Assembly to reject five candidates for the United Nations Human Rights Council- Libya, as well as Angola, Malaysia, Mauritania, and Qatar.

Global press freedom declined in 2009, with setbacks registered in almost every region of the world, according to a Freedom House study released today. The study, Freedom of the Press 2010: A Global Survey of Media Independence, reported that press freedom declined for the eighth consecutive year, producing a global landscape in which only one in six people live in countries with a Free press.


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