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Press Releases

The European Union Council’s declaration this week on Cuba showed encouraging signs that concern for human rights and democracy will be part of the renewed political dialogue between the two sides.

Freedom House calls on Azerbaijan’s parliament to reject a package of five legislative amendments proposed earlier this month that would severely restrict the ability of both domestic and international non-governmental organizations to work in the country.

The massive demonstrations taking place in Iran expose citizens’ growing frustration with a political system that does not allow them to change their government through peaceful and democratic means.

Freedom House calls for the Kosovo government to fully investigate the recent threats made against investigative journalist Jeta Xharra and hold those responsible accountable.

Freedom House calls upon the Indian government to break its silence over the sham trial of Burmese pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi and to pressure Rangoon to unconditionally release the Nobel peace laureate immediately.

Freedom House calls for a transparent investigation into deadly clashes last week between police and thousands of indigenous protesters in Peru’s northern Bagua province.

Freedom House strongly urges Gabon’s interim leadership to organize democratic elections to replace President Omar Bongo, who died Monday after leading the west-central African nation for 42 years.


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