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Press Releases

Freedom House condemns the Egyptian government for denying its citizens their basic human rights to peacefully demonstrate and call for reform on the one-year anniversary of an important general strike.

Freedom House is deeply disturbed by regulations issued this week by China's authoritarian leaders that warn video-sharing websites to increase censorship, further restricting what is already one of the world's most repressive internet environments.

A new study from Freedom House warns that the rights of internet and mobile phone users are increasingly at risk as governments, both repressive and democratic, expand their ability to monitor and control online activity.
Freedom House and seven other nongovernmental organizations issued a joint statement today condemning yesterday's attack on Russian human rights defender Lev Ponomarev and calling on leaders at the G20 meeting to press Russian President Dmitri Medvedev to find and prosecute those responsible.
A new Senate bill that would remove the ban on American citizen travel to Cuba would be an important contribution to U.S. policy to promote democratic reform in Havana.
Freedom House condemns the UN Human Rights Council for undermining the universal right to freedom of expression by once again passing a resolution that urges members to adopt laws outlawing criticism of religions.
Freedom House is pleased that Kyrgyzstan’s presidential administration and parliament withdrew a flawed draft law on non-governmental organizations, but is concerned that the government may soon introduce an amended version.


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