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The Obama administration's first democracy assistance funding request signals a strong start which should be matched with an equally robust diplomatic push to support democracy and human rights activists worldwide, said Freedom House in a special report released today.

Nearly two decades after the fall of the Berlin Wall, a new Freedom House study finds widespread declines in democracy from Central Europe to Eurasia, with Russia ranked as a consolidated authoritarian regime for the first time.

Freedom House condemns the coup in Honduras and calls for the immediate return of President Manuel Zelaya to office. Under the supervision of the Organization of American States, all actors involved should begin talks to resolve the crisis peacefully, restore the democratic process and ensure respect for the rule of law and human rights.

Freedom House is deeply troubled by the passage of repressive legislation on the Internet by the Kazakhstani parliament and urges President Nazarbayev to veto the bill.

Iranian authors offer perspectives on the political standoff in their country in the latest edition of Gozaar, Freedom House’s online forum on human rights and democracy in Iran.

Freedom House issued a letter today urging the Group of Eight to hold the Iranian government accountable to its international human rights commitments following deadly clashes between armed forces and peaceful protesters.

Freedom House calls on the Iranian government to refrain from using further violence and threats to intimidate hundreds of thousands of protesters who are exercising their human rights to freedom of speech and assembly.


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