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Democracy Web, a new website from Freedom House and the Albert Shanker Institute, fills a need in America's schools for educational material that not only describes the U.S. experience with democracy, but also compares it to that of every country in the world, including those where citizens lack a vote and a voice.
Freedom House applauds Kazakhstan's Constitutional Council for its decision yesterday declaring unconstitutional the proposed legislation "On Questions of Freedom of Worship and Religious Organizations."
Women in the Gulf Arab states are making small but notable gains in their struggle to achieve equality with men, according to a new study from Freedom House.
Freedom House is deeply concerned that the power-sharing deal in Zimbabwe falls far short of the reforms needed to solve the country's dire humanitarian and economic crises.
Freedom House denounces the murders of Stanislav Markelov, an attorney and director of the Rule of Law Institute, and Anastasia Baburova, a reporter for the independent newspaper, Novaya Gazeta.
The most significant gains for freedom in 2008 occurred in South Asia, a rare bright spot in a year marked by declines in much of the rest of the world, according to a new report released by Freedom House this week.
Freedom in Sub-Saharan Africa faltered in 2008 after nearly two decades of gradual gains, according to a new report released by Freedom House this week.


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