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Tibetans are significantly less free than they were five years ago, according to a new Freedom House analysis released today ahead of a key Tibetan anniversary. Freedom House is gravely concerned that a massive Chinese military buildup in Tibetan areas may lead to even more repression and unrest. The force buildup is occurring in advance of March 10, the 50th anniversary of an uprising against Chinese rule that led to the Dalai Lama's flight into exile in India.
Freedom House will release Worst of the Worst: The World's Most Repressive Societies, its annual report naming the world's worst human rights abusers, on the sidelines of the UN Human Rights Council's 10th session in Geneva. The press conference on Monday, March 9 will feature human rights advocates from two of the countries profiled in the report, Zimbabwe and Cuba.
More than 80 scholars and experts-including Egyptian democracy activist Saad Eddin Ibrahim and former deputy prime minister of Malaysia Anwar Ibrahim-are urging President Obama to adopt a consistent and credible policy that supports democracy in the Arab and Muslim world.

Freedom House welcomes today's decision by the International Criminal Court (ICC) to issue an arrest warrant for Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir.

Freedom House welcomes today's release of Egyptian dissident Ayman Nour and urges President Hosni Mubarak to release Egypt’s remaining political prisoners.
The basic human right to freedom of expression is increasingly under threat as countries introduce and enforce laws that have been wrongfully legitimized by numerous United Nations resolutions on "defamation of religions."
Freedom House strongly condemns the Iranian government's decision to try seven members of the Baha'i faith next week on contrived charges including "spying for Israel."


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