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Press Releases

Freedom House welcomes the increased openness that China is demonstrating by allowing both local and international media to cover the effects of the country’s earthquake, and calls on China’s government to maintain greater transparency.
Freedom House strongly urges the World Health organization to allow Taiwanese journalists to cover the organization’s annual assembly in Geneva May 19-24.
The U.S. Congress increased funding globally for democracy and human rights promotion in fiscal year 2008, but cut funding to Sub-Saharan Africa where democracies are in the minority.
Freedom House calls on the Association of Southeast Asian Nations to live up to the principles in its own charter by demanding that member country Burma allow international aid workers immediate access to cyclone victims.
A quarter of the countries vying for seats on the United Nations Human Rights Council have dismal human rights records that should disqualify them from membership, according to a new report from Freedom House and UN Watch.

Increased corruption and controls on nongovernmental organizations placed Chad on a list of the world’s most repressive societies for the first time, putting the country on par with China, Zimbabwe and Syria.

A new study from Freedom House, Today's American: How Free?, examines whether Americans are sacrificing essential values in the war on terrorism, and scrutinizes other critical issues such as the political process, criminal justice system, racial inequality and immigration.


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