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Press Releases

The Southern African Development Community is negligent in responding to Zimbabwe’s crisis and must begin urgent political intervention to stop the violence and resolve the four-week electoral standoff.
Freedom House urges the SADC to use its influence to convince the Zimbabwe Election Commission to release results immediately from the March 29 presidential election.
Freedom House calls on the Egyptian government to conduct free and transparent municipal elections that allow citizens to freely express their opinions without facing retribution.
Freedom House turns its full attention to the United States for the first time in its new study: TODAY'S AMERICAN: How Free?
Freedom House, together with seven of the U.S.'s most prominent human rights organizations...
Russia's North Caucasus region is becoming increasingly unstable and chaotic...
Freedom House calls for the dismissal of charges against Ibrahim Eissa, the independent journalist and editor of Al-Dustor newspaper, who will face trial tomorrow...


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