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Freedom House today expressed its serious concern over the Chinese authorities' closure on January 24, 2006, of the influential weekly newspaper, Freezing Point ["Bing Dian"], which often covered sensitive social and political issues. The Chinese government's crackdown on the publication is part of a larger pattern of media repression that has escalated over the last two years.
Freedom House today denounced the prosecution for libel of a human rights defender in Kyrgyzstan. Freedom House described the action against Mr. Maksim Kuleshov, the Kyrgyz human rights defender, as an attempt by authorities to limit his human rights activities, suppress his freedom of expression and discourage other citizens from filing complaints against the militia.
Tashkent, Uzbekistan (January 12, 2006)--As part of a broader crackdown by the Uzbek government to smother civic activism and eliminate nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), the Civil Court of Tashkent yesterday ordered Freedom House to suspend its activities in Uzbekistan for the next six months.
Freedom House today expressed grave concern over newly adopted Russian legislation that will further curtail the rights of civil society in Russia.
Arab Middle East Shows Improvement, Despite Continued Repression Major Gains in Ukraine, Indonesia; Decline Noted in Philippines Notable Gains in Worldwide Freedom
Democratic member states of the United Nations should work together to pass resolutions at the UN General Assembly chastising several nations with poor human rights records, Freedom House said today.
With little less than a month until presidential elections in Kazakhstan, official restrictions on independent media freedoms are threatening the chances of a free and fair vote, Freedom House said today.


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