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Press Releases

On Wednesday, March 29, 2006, Freedom House will host Africa at the Crossroads: Assessing Strategies for Democratic Reform, a conference examining the continent's democratic development and identifying strategies to assist with further political reform.
A coalition of leading American human rights and democracy promotion NGOs, including Freedom House, has appealed to U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to announce the United States' candidacy for a seat on the newly created UN Human Rights Council.
ENEMO's observation of Ukraine's pre-election period and Election Day on March 26 has shown significant improvements from the 2004 presidential elections, with Ukrainian voters able to exercise their right to vote freely.
An intensified government crackdown of opposition voices in Belarus over the past two weeks strongly demonstrates that Sunday's presidential elections will not be genuine, Freedom House said today.
Nina Shea, Director of Freedom House's Center for Religious Freedom, testified today for the House International Relations Committee on the State Department's annual Human Rights Reports' coverage of religious freedom issues.
At the heart of the cartoon controversy is the right, now and in the future, of an independent and uncensored press - and artists and writers in other venues - to comment on the issues of the day without interference from the state or threat from discomfited or aggrieved groups.
Today, International Women's Day, is an opportune time to recognize the progress that has been made around the world in the sphere of women's rights. In far too many places around the world, however, women remain victims of serious human rights abuses, Freedom House said today.


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