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Press Releases

The United Nations Democracy Caucus must ensure that the new UN Human Rights Council is a credible body, unlike its predecessor, the Human Rights Commission, a coalition of human rights and pro-democracy organizations declared today at the UN.
Peter Ackerman, a leading authority on strategies to advance democracy and human rights, has become chairman of Freedom House, the organization's board of trustees announced today.
Growing Civic Engagement Is Sole Bright Spot
Freedom House sent a letter today to Condoleezza Rice, expressing its concerns that the emerging Iraqi constitution will seriously undermine the prospects for democracy and the safeguarding of human rights in the new Iraq.
A group of leaders of human rights and pro-democracy organizations from Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas is calling on the world's democracies to spearhead efforts to fundamentally reform the United Nations, especially its human rights mechanisms.
New Freedom House Study Finds Poor Anti-Corruption Efforts in 30 Key Countries
The government of Australia should immediately grant political asylum to a Chinese foreign ministry


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