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'Dark day for Egypt' as democracy advocate loses appeal against government prosecution
Together with a broad coalition of individuals from the democracy, human rights and development communities, Freedom House has appealed to President George W. Bush to consider a range of specific criteria in assessing whether a country is a suitable beneficiary of the Millennium Challenge Account. A letter, shown below, was sent to the President yesterday.
Freedom House strongly condemns the violent attack July 10 on members of the Liberty Institute, a prominent Georgian nongovernmental organization.
New Law Would Add Additional Severe Restrictions to Human Rights and Civic Groups
After a procedural vote on Thursday, May 24, 2002, the United Nations Committee on Non-Governmental Organizations closed a two-year-old case against Freedom House.
Freedom House today welcomed the findings of a major fact finding mission to Sudan that confirmed the issue of slavery, abductions, and forced servitude in the war-ravaged country.
In a major study released today, Freedom House finds that the challenge posed by the terrorist attacks on September 11 and the resulting war on terrorism did not lead to major setbacks in press freedom in 2001.


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