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Press Releases

Eight prominent political prisoners are risking their lives with hunger strikes to protest inhumane conditions and Rouhani's inaction on human rights. 

In response to the Bahrain government’s decision to restore the authority of the domestic intelligence service – the National Security Agency -- to make arrests, Freedom House issued a statement.

Since taking office a year ago, Poland’s ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party has openly targeted Poland’s basic democratic institutions. 

Media and internet controls tightened in China during 2016, even as government censorship and propaganda tactics expanded beyond the country’s borders. 

As forças de segurança do governo moçambicano estão a violar gravemente os direitos humanos dos civis no centro de Moçambique, levando os habitantes a atravessar a fronteira do Malawi como refugiados, revela um relatório divulgado hoje pela Freedom House.

Security forces of the Mozambican government are committing gross human rights abuses against civilians in central Mozambique, leading people to cross the border into Malawi as refugees, a report issued today by Freedom House finds.

Freedom House issued the following statement in response to Gambian security forces today seizing the election commission headquarters, after President Jammeh’s defeat in presidential elections earlier this month.


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