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Press Releases

Fuerzas populistas y nacionalistas obtuvieron incrementos significantes en los estados democráticos en el 2016, mientras que poderes autoritarios participaron en actos desvergonzados de agresión, de acuerdo a Freedom in the World 2017. 

Freedom House issued the following statement in response to a new wave of arrests of opposition leaders by Cuban security authorities. 

Freedom House issued the following statement in response to President Trump’s executive order barring the arrival of refugees and all other citizens from seven predominantly Muslim countries. 

In response to the Bahraini security forces firing live ammunition at peaceful protesters in Diraz, Freedom House issued a statement.

In response to Jordan security services arresting at least 18 prominent activists because of their social media posts critical of government corruption, Freedom House released a statement.

Occupation forces detained Emil Kurbedinov, a prominent Crimean Tatar lawyer in Crimea, and one of his clients, Seyran Saliev. Kurbedinov was arrested and almost immediately tried and convicted.

Freedom House urges President Trump to reject the use of torture and make clear his commitment to uphold U.S. law on interrogations.


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