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Press Releases

Seven SABC journalists and one contracted freelance journalist were fired between July 18-19 for protesting an SABC management decision not to report on violent protests.

After the failed coup against the elected government, Turkey has began a purge of thousands of judges and civil servants, blocked news media outlets, and threatened to restore the death penalty.

El Salvador's Constitutional Court latest landmark decision overturned the 1993 amnesty law pardoning war crimes committed during the country's civil war. 

Humberto Moreira, former Governor of Coahuila, Mexico, is suing journalist Sergio Aguayo for alleged "moral damages." 

Freedom House issued a statment urging Moldovan Parliament to rethink the recently drafted media laws in Moldova.

In response to Russian authorities adding 22 journalists, activists and others in Crimea to Russia’s list of "extremist and terrorists," Freedom House issued the following statement:

Freedom House issued a statement in response to stifled free speech in Mauritania and called for release of anti-slavery activists.


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