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Press Releases

On July 30, police in Nouakchott, Mauritania, beat and then arrested peaceful protestors demonstrating for the release of anti-slavery activists Biram dah Abeid and Brahim Ould Bilal. 

In response to the death of Rosanne Klass, who served as director of the organization’s Afghanistan Information Center during the 1980s, Freedom House issued the following statement:

President Obama unfortunately was fundamentally wrong in his comments about the parliamentary elections Ethiopia held in May.

The serious abuses that occurred before and during  the parliamentary election in Chernihiv show that that corrupt politics and crony capitalism remains alive and well in Ukraine and must be taken seriously by the authorities. 

Freedom House welcomes President Obama highlighting the important role of civil society in Kenya. 

As President Obama prepares to visit Ethiopia next week, Freedom House releases policy reccomendations highlighting the importance of Ethiopia's relationsho to it's civil society, independent media, and political opposition. 

Freedom House urges the United States and other nations to send ambassadors to attend the pending trials of imprisoned human rights defenders in Azerbaijan.


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