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In democracies and authoritarian states alike, leaders intent on consolidating power are finding new ways to repress independent journalism, a report released today by Freedom House finds.

Monitoring the social media accounts of US visa applicants comes with troubling implications.

Violent dispersal of protests interfere with Sudan's efforts to transition to civilian leadership.

Eric Chenoweth answers questions about organized labor’s past campaigns against foreign dictatorships, and why such solidarity is lacking today.

In one recent case, however, police intervened and the planned event went forward.

The regime’s repressive efforts are increasing, but they are also failing in important ways.

本期内容:尽管打压不断上升,自由的思想和维权行动如何在中国生存?还有美中贸易战、监控、线上审查的更新,以及中国影响威胁美国、台湾、厄瓜多和尼泊尔的言论自由 。