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This campaign of arrests orchestrated by the government is an attempt to stifle the work and tarnish the reputation of anti-slavery organizations in Mauritania.

The country’s record of successful development is threatened by endemic corruption and growing worries about the political future.

Freedom House urges the prompt release of freelance journalist Saparmamed Nepeskuliev, a contributor to RFE/RL’s Turkmen Service and Alternative Turkmenistan News. 

Freedom House issued the following statement in response to the arrest and disappearance of six anti-slavery activists in Mauritania.

The experience of a neglected housing complex shows the importance of state accountability, economic and social rights, and community activism to the broader struggle for freedom.


Freedom House urges the Kenyan government to investigate the murder of International Justice Mission (IJM) staff member Willie Kimani Kinuthia, IJM client Josephat Mwenda and driver Joseph Muriri.

The United Nations Human Rights Council’s passage of a resolution appointing an independent monitor to protect LGBTI individuals from violence.