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Businesses want predictable and transparent government regulation, the ability to operate freely, and fair enforcement of the law. Investment goes where it is welcome and stays where it is treated well. 

 Freedom House issued the following statement in response to the Government of Sudan bombing civilians in the Nuba Mountains, killing six children. 

Bayram Mamedov and Giyaseddin Ibragim, two members of the Azerbaijani youth movement N!DA, were detained on May 10 and charged with possession of illegal drugs. 

Following the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) directive to telecommunications providers to shut down social media platforms in advance of President Museveni’s inauguration to another five ye

On May 5, 2016, a group of heavily armed National Intelligence and Security Service officers raided the office of human rights lawyer Nabil Adib in Khartoum without a warrant.

The Bolotnaya Square protests marked the beginning of both a new presidential term for Putin and the harshest crackdowns on civil society since the end of the Soviet Union.

Since mid-April, students across Sudan have held peaceful demonstrations on issues including the long-running conflict in Darfur and the decision by the Government to sell the University of Khartoum campus.