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Freedom House implores President Obama to prioritize internal reform and the protection of civil society organizations in upcoming meetings with the Gulf Cooperation Council. 

Different degrees of political fragmentation in Syria, Lebanon, and Palestine have had a variety of effects on conditions for the media—most of them negative.  

Testimony by Mark P. Lagon
President, Freedom House

The EU must create mechanisms to uphold media freedom in member states and stand firm against external adversaries of independent journalism. 

Conditions for the media grew worse in most parts of the world last year, but it is important to remember that each region was falling from a very different height.

Freedom House Executive Vice President Daniel Calingaert testified before the House Committee on Foreign Affairs Subcomittee on Africa and Global Health on the importance of the Global Magnitsky Act. 

Freedom in the World 2015 found that the main factors driving the decline were the passage and use of restrictive laws against the media and and limits on the ability of local and foreign journalists to report freely within a given country.