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Freedom House, the ALDE Group in the European Parliament, and the European Endowment for Democracy have launched the MEP4Freedom initiative in Brussels, to support the six political prisoners still

Rather than simply reassuring and rearming the Persian Gulf monarchies, the United States should press them to overhaul their autocratic and ultimately unstable political systems.

Freedom House condemns the murder of blogger Ananta Bijoy Dasnot only because of the loss of life but because the attack also targets free expression,

The U.S. government can strengthen its support for human rights in Ethiopia without sacrificing its security interests in the region.

Freedom House releaseed the following statement after Morocco’s Interior Ministry brought criminal charges against local activists for sharing a report by the UK-based NGO Privacy International on government surveillance in the country. 

Last month’s attacks in South Africa have forced the government to address the problem of xenophobia and led to rare regional pressure on a domestic human rights issue.

Freedom House implores President Obama to prioritize internal reform and the protection of civil society organizations in upcoming meetings with the Gulf Cooperation Council.