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Freedom House joins 40 leading human rights organizations in support of congressional funding for implementation of Global Magnitsky sanctions. 

The recent harassment and arrests of civic activists from the Crimean Tatar community represents yet another serious abuse of power. 

本期简介: 当社交媒体巨头腾讯在中国和海外替中共竞标,如何应对?在两会期间的信息控制和技术政策,中国政府如何在瑞典、俄罗斯、澳大利亚、台湾和Reddit上推进其想说的话。

A censorious response to foreign disinformation, and struggles to address domestic meddling, threaten the open internet ideal.

United States citizens must see special counsel Robert Mueller's full report in order to understand the level of Russian involvement in the 2016 US elections.

In this issue: How to respond when social media giant Tencent does the Communist Party’s bidding in China and abroad, information controls and tech policy at the two sessions, and how the Chinese government is pushing its narrative in Sweden, Russia, Australia, Taiwan, and on Reddit

In the leadup to elections, Thailand's junta has censored online content in addition to arrests and prosecutions for online activity.