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После решения прокуратуры закрыть уголовное дело против ведущей правозащитной организации в Кыргызстане, международная организация Freedom House выпустила следующее заявление.

In response to a prosecutor’s decision to close the criminal case against a leading human rights organization in Kyrgyzstan, Freedom House issued the following statement.

On Thursday, Freedom House published its fifth annual report on Internet freedom around the world.

Transparency International released its latest Corruption Perceptions Index today, and the results for Eurasian countries are not encouraging.

Global internet freedom has declined for a fourth consecutive year, according to Freedom on the Net 2014, Freedom House’s annual assessment of internet user rights in 65 countries. The report finds more people being arrested for their internet activity than ever before, online media outlets becoming increasingly pressured to censor themselves, and private companies facing new demands to comply with government requests for data or deletions.

After Cameroon's National Communication Council suspsended six prominent journalists and ordered an end to key radio and TV programs, Freedom House issued the following statement.

Following reports that Gambian President Yaya Jammeh ssigned a draconian law mandating life imprisonment for individuals perceived to be LGBTI in The Gambia, Freedom House issued the following statement.