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The latest from Freedom House:

The conviction of three Al-Jazeera journalists on false charges of supporting terrorism is an outrage. It demonstrates conclusively that hopes for a democratic ‘transition’ are dead.

Freedom House calls on the National Intelligence and Security Services to end the torture of Mohamed Salah Abdel Rahman, Moamer Musa, and Tajelsir Jaafar Tajelsir and release them immediately.

Following last week's decision by Freedom House President David J. Kramer to step down this fall after nearly four years in his leadership position, Freedom House Chairman of the Board, Kenneth I. Juster announced the search for the next President of the organization.

The government of Tajikistan needs to release information to the family and colleagues of missing researcher Alexander Sodiqov about where he is being held and in what conditions.

When the Obama administration sent its budget request to Congress this year, it featured a remarkable omission. The request for 2015 does not include language that has appeared for nearly 10 years, stating that U.S. democracy assistance will not be bound by the approval of foreign governments. This lapse threatens the interests—and potentially the lives—of people working to promote political freedom around the world.

We applaud Senator Markey for taking leadership on this important and timely human rights issue. This legislation would solidify the United States’ commitment to protecting and promoting the rights of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) people around the world.

"We underestimate the profound importance of democracy promotion, but also its difficulty," stated Walter Russell Mead at the conference “Re-thinking Democracy Promotion Amid Rising Authoritarianism,” hosted by The American Interest, Freedom House and Johns Hopkins-SAIS.