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How U.S. institutions handle the situation in Ferguson, Missouri will have a global impact.

As the investigation into the death of Michael Brown continues, it is critical for all parties involved in this matter to adhere to the principles fundamental to the United States and other democracies. These include the right of peaceful protesters to assemble and express themselves, adherence to non-violence, and the ability of journalists to report on events without intimidation or harassment.

The execution of James Foley is an extremely sobering reminder of the dangers faced by journalists determined to document the suffering of civilians and of the grave dangers to fundamental freedoms posed by ISIS.

Opposition demonstrations that erupted in February to protest rampant crime and economic dysfunction have ebbed in recent months, but the government’s repressive tactics and neglect of underlying grievances have continued, putting the country on a path toward rising instability.

This year marks the 40th anniversary of a military coup in Portugal that eventually led to the triumph of democracy there and in a series of other countries around the world. The role of regional democracies in ensuring Portugal’s success bears important lessons for today.

Expelling the spouse of a respected human rights lawyer and thus forcing him to choose between staying in his country without her or leaving his homeland is a reprehensible action

By continuing its outrageous practice of imprisoning participants in the May 2012 Bolotnaya Square protests, the Russian government is sending a grim message to  civil society activists and ordinary citizens that the exercise of fundamental rights—including protests against corruption in modern day Russia—can lead to serious repression.