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"Stronger African democracies mean more developed, knowledge-based African economies, which are better for American business interests in the long run" write Daniel Calingaert and Kellen McClure. Read their Global Post op-ed here.

We urge all sides in the Israel-Gaza fighting to avoid civilian harm. Every civilian death or injury, whether caused by artillery, ground forces, bombings or rockets, risks intensifying and prolonging a conflict that has already lasted generations. We urge all sides to respect civilians’ most basic and important human right, which is the right to life.

Ethiopia's government should never have charged the bloggers and journalists with any crime and certainly not terrorism, since journalism and advocating freedom of speech are certainly not crimes.

On August 1, Freedom House and the Center for International Private Enterprise hosted a discussion on the economic and political future of the African continent, in advance of the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit. Participants included representatives of investment firms, a former U.S. ambassador to South Africa, the CEO of the Kenyan Manufacturers Association, and former president of Malawi Joyce Banda.

In a departure from the overt violence and election rigging of the past, many authoritarian leaders now prefer to quietly manipulate the legal framework, silencing dissent and limiting civil liberties to ensure that they remain in power.

Azerbaijan’s decision to detain Leyla Yunus for three months before bringing her to trial on charges of treason and tax evasion is a blatantly political decision that has nothing to do with justice.

The ICC celebrated its 12th birthday this month. To provide insight into the court’s current challenges, here is a review of all eight ongoing ICC investigations. The success or failure of each case will determine not only the ICC’s credibility, but also the practice of international criminal law as a whole.