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Opposition demonstrations that erupted in February to protest rampant crime and economic dysfunction have ebbed in recent months, but the government’s repressive tactics and neglect of underlying grievances have continued, putting the country on a path toward rising instability.

This year marks the 40th anniversary of a military coup in Portugal that eventually led to the triumph of democracy there and in a series of other countries around the world. The role of regional democracies in ensuring Portugal’s success bears important lessons for today.

Expelling the spouse of a respected human rights lawyer and thus forcing him to choose between staying in his country without her or leaving his homeland is a reprehensible action

By continuing its outrageous practice of imprisoning participants in the May 2012 Bolotnaya Square protests, the Russian government is sending a grim message to  civil society activists and ordinary citizens that the exercise of fundamental rights—including protests against corruption in modern day Russia—can lead to serious repression.

The problem with “accommodating” Russia in Ukraine is that Vladimir Putin’s goal is sowing chaos as part of a plan to hold on to power in the Kremlin. Click here to read David J. Kramer's American Interest op-ed.

Freedom House and 17 other civil society organizations operating in southern Africa have petitioned SADC Heads of State and Government to express concern over a protocol for a new inter-state tribunal. After disbanding the SADC Tribunal in 2012 without consultation of critical stakeholders, the SADC has proposed a new tribunal but would bar citizens from accessing the court.

Southern Africa is facing a number of democracy challenges that SADC needs to take a leading role in addressing.