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In this issue: How to respond when social media giant Tencent does the Communist Party’s bidding in China and abroad, information controls and tech policy at the two sessions, and how the Chinese government is pushing its narrative in Sweden, Russia, Australia, Taiwan, and on Reddit

In the leadup to elections, Thailand's junta has censored online content in addition to arrests and prosecutions for online activity. 

Human rights groups call on Tajik government to release a seriously ill political activist. 

Деякі заходи протидії російській загрозі можуть завдати шкоди крихким демократичним інститутам.

Some measures to counter the Russian threat could harm fragile democratic institutions.

Room for democratic growth arises as Kazakhstan's longtime presidents steps down.

Chechen authorities attempt to silence critics by persecuting prominent human rights activist Oyub Titiev.