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Twenty-five years after its brutal crackdown, the Chinese Communist Party continues its aggressive campaign against freedom and accountability.

The assault on the media in Ukraine, especially in eastern regions and Crimea, continues unabated, with frightening attacks on and kidnappings of journalists.

With Egypt in turmoil and a leadership in Cairo unwilling to change direction, the responsible course of action for the United States is to reshape its side of the bilateral relationship to better meet U.S. security interests as well as the needs of the Egyptian people.

Last month’s election, with its disturbingly low turnout and extensive violations of democratic norms, represented a sad bookend to Egypt’s postcoup transition.

In the run-up to the 25th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre, the Chinese government has escalated its efforts to suppress any form of commemoration or discussion of the event in the media. But Beijing’s daily attempts to control the news extend far beyond this taboo topic, as an analysis of recent censorship directives reveals.

While the coup itself appeared deceptively simple, governing Thailand will be a more drawn out, complicated, and potentially bloody affair, writes Freedom House's Craig Blackburn.

One of the leading forces in the 2005–06 prophet Muhammad cartoon controversy, Danish Muslim activist Ahmed Akkari, now regrets his role as agitator and reveals a larger, more deliberate, and more vicious conspiracy behind the crisis than previously known.