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The Chinese regime’s never-ending struggle to suppress information that could threaten its grip on power keeps citizens in the dark on topics of vital importance. But it has also taken a growing toll on U.S. media attempting to report on the world’s second-largest economy, and directly affected other businesses operating in China, with real consequences for U.S. investors.

The FCC's proposal on net neutrality has the potential to skew the information landscape in favor of large content providers able to pay for preferential treatment, and it could also set a dangerous precedent for countries that model their policy on that of the United States.

Sarah Cook testifies before the U.S-China Economic and Security Review Commission on stability in China.

In most elections, the voters’ central dilemma is deciding whether to vote for candidate A, B, or C. However, in Egypt’s upcoming May 26–27 presidential election, citizens and organizing blocs are understandably asking themselves whether to vote at all.

A Tajik court’s decision to levy a fine against Asia Plus and its editor, Olga Tutubalina, for publishing a remark by Vladimir Lenin as part of her criticism of the country’s elite is a clear example of censorship, aimed at sending a political message to civil society and the press."

Sudanese authorities should release Meriam Yahia Ibrahim from custody and review a court’s indefensible decision to sentence her to death for the alleged crimes of adultery and apostasy.

Uganda’s new ‘HIV Prevention and Control Act’ is yet a further step in the Ugandan government’s flagrant disregard of human rights.