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Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, his brazen disregard for Ukraine’s territorial integrity, and his threats to defend Russian-speakers beyond Crimea, in other parts of Ukraine and in other neighboring states, represent an assault on the very concept of freedom and the ability of people to choose their own political destiny. The democratic community of nations has faced no greater test since the end of the Cold War. Click here to continue reading David J. Kramer's American Interest piece.

The repressive “bloggers law” signed by President Vladimir V. Putin on May 6 says a good deal about the troubling decline of free expression in Russia. But at a time when Putin’s governance system is mutating from a venal, kleptocratic regime into a belligerent, revanchist power, what the Russian authorities do at home has important effects on the media environment in countries on Russia’s borders, and beyond.

We applaud the United States’ decision to send military, intelligence and law enforcement advisors to Nigeria to assist in the effort to rescue the two hundred plus girls abducted in Nigeria.

Among the findings of Freedom House’s recently released press freedom report, the most contentious has been the downgrade of Turkey from the Partly Free category to Not Free. Below are responses Freedom House has given to common questions from Turkish journalists.

Sanctions may not stop Russia’s destabilization of Ukraine, but Western policymakers should embrace them for another reason: because they can put a nail in the coffin of the project that started the Ukraine crisis to begin with -- Eurasian integration. Click here to read Nate Schenkkan's Foreign Affairs op-ed.

The world’s media is facing significant new pressures and growing dangers in almost every region of the world. Click here to read Karin Karlekar's op-ed.

Respect for political and civil rights has declined globally for eight consecutive years, due in large part to the growing sophistication of modern authoritarian rulers and their initiatives to tighten control on power amid rising public demands for political change.  Click here to read Daniel Calingaert's op-ed for CNN.