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While Ecuador's president Rafael Correa has been promoting himself through a public-relations campaign abroad, he has ratcheted up the suppression of critical voices within his own country. In Freedom House’s recently released report Freedom of the Press 2014, Ecuador was rated Not Free for the second consecutive year. And as the report suggests, the developments over the past year were more disturbing than just a continuing negative trend.

David J. Kramer testifies before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on how the U.S. can help support democracy in Ukraine.

While voters in tomorrow’s elections face a very real choice in terms of the economic future of the country, parties have been less vocal about how they plan to address the current threats to South Africa’s democracy.

The decision by an Azerbaijan court to send to prison eight young men who protested corruption and lawlessness exposes the authoritarian character of the government and the corruption of the country’s judicial system

The Bolotnaya case represents how average Russian citizens can fall victim to Russia’s crackdown on civil society.

The latest Egypt Democracy Compass—in which seven out of eight indicators of progress on the roadmap to democracy were rated as ‘stalled’ or ‘backsliding’—reinforces the conclusion that Egypt’s so-called democratic transition has failed before elections have even been held.

Freedom House has noted complaints by the government of Turkey about Turkey being ranked “Not Free” in our report, Freedom of the Press 2014. The government’s objection that the ranking does not take into account events occurring in 2014 is misplaced, as made clear by the report.