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In this issue: Censors bar news of activist Cao Shunli's death, WeChat news accounts shuttered, and Alibaba and Weibo tackle problems ahead of U.S. IPO.

The bill to make homosexuality an “offense” not subject to amnesty is more evidence of the deplorable repression sweeping across Africa, eroding the human rights of LGBTI persons

Freedom House, in cooperation with the Lithuanian Parliament and Belarusian human rights defenders, launched the MP4Freedom initiative inviting Lithuanian MPs to become “godparents” of political prisoners in Belarus.

Removing the requirement that Ukraine adopt anti-discrimination protections for LGBTI people is a deep disservice to Ukraine’s citizens and sends the signal that the EU does not prioritize tackling discrimination of this vulnerable, frequently targeted population.

Since 2003, Freedom House has systematically provided prescient analysis of Russia’s move to authoritarian rule and efforts to restore hegemony over Ukraine.

How did Turkish authorities manage to block Twitter?

Freedom House's Sarah Cook spoke to Warren Olney on  "To the Point" about the Chinese system of censorship.