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The Bolotnaya case represents how average Russian citizens can fall victim to Russia’s crackdown on civil society.

The latest Egypt Democracy Compass—in which seven out of eight indicators of progress on the roadmap to democracy were rated as ‘stalled’ or ‘backsliding’—reinforces the conclusion that Egypt’s so-called democratic transition has failed before elections have even been held.

Freedom House has noted complaints by the government of Turkey about Turkey being ranked “Not Free” in our report, Freedom of the Press 2014. The government’s objection that the ranking does not take into account events occurring in 2014 is misplaced, as made clear by the report.

Freedom House President David J. Kramer participates in a PBS NewsHour discussion on the U.S.' strategy towards the crisis in Ukraine and Russia's actions.

Freedom House yesterday released its annual Freedom of the Press report. The findings paint a grim picture of the state of global media freedom, with just 14 percent of the world’s population enjoying a vibrant press with diverse views and minimal state intrusion.

Freedom House welcomes Secretary of State John Kerry’s public statement on Ethiopia’s unwarranted arrest last week of nine Ethiopian bloggers and journalists, who remain in custody.