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The latest from Freedom House:

Freedom House is deeply alarmed by the detention of more than 200 supporters gathered outside of Moscow's Zamoskvoretsky courthouse February 21 in support of eight Bolotnaya Square prisoners who were found guilty of assaulting police at a demonstration.

Targeted American and European Union visa and asset sanctions are still needed to guarantee that the agreement signed February 21 by opposition leaders and Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych genuinely protects Ukrainians' fundamental human rights, Freedom House said.

The citizens of Ukraine are fighting a courageous battle for their rights, standing up to armed riot police and a corrupt regime. Help us provide emergency support to the activists on the front lines. Please give today.

With the opening of the trial in Egypt of three Al-Jazeera journalists, Freedom House condemns the Egyptian government's use of politically tainted legal procedures to criminalize the free exercise of journalistic rights and freedoms in the country.

The most noteworthy setbacks for democracy over the past year occurred in Europe's southern and eastern neighborhood, noted Liberal party leader Guy Verhofstadt at the European Parliament presentation of Freedom in the World 2014.

The government of Venezuela should immediately end its violent attacks against demonstrators, invite the opposition to join an open dialogue to end the country’s political crisis, and seek help from the international community in defusing the tensions, Freedom House said.

Key foreign policy figures, including representatives from Freedom House, call on President Barack Obama to confront Turkey on its poor human rights record.