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Freedom House condemns the recent bomb attack against the independent Montenegrin newspaper Vijesti, and urges authorities to thoroughly investigate the attack as well as offer greater protection to the paper and its journalists. The December 26 bombing damaged the paper’s offices but did not injure any staff.

Further repressive measures in Egypt in December capped six months of arrests, deadly police assaults on protesters, and general democratic backsliding since the July 3 coup that overthrew the country’s first competitively elected president, according to the latest edition of the Egypt Democracy Compass.

Freedom House condemns the government of Bahrain’s December 26th arrest of photojournalist Ahmed al-Fardan on undisclosed charges. 

Freedom House is deeply concerned by Egypt’s military-backed government’s decision to declare the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization. 

The brutal beating of independent Ukrainian journalist Tetyana Chornovol is an attack on freedom of the press and unacceptable intimidation of citizen’s freedom of expression, Freedom House said.

After years of false starts, successful elections would signify a high water mark in Madagascar politics over the last several years and an important breakthrough in the stalled electoral process. However, the real test of the government, opposition, and military’s commitment to restore stability will be to collectively accept the outcomes and move beyond factious crisis politics.

Freedom House condemns the guilty verdicts and harsh sentences an Egyptian court issued December 22 against Ahmed Maher, Ahmed Douma and Mohamed Adel, prominent members of Egypt’s April 6 pro-democracy movement.