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The latest from Freedom House:

A coalition of 14 human rights NGOs and networks strongly condemns this week’s decision by an appeal court upholding a 30-month prison sentence for Vietnamese human rights lawyer and blogger Le Quoc Quan.

Freedom House strongly condemns the escalating, deadly violence in Kyiv and the Ukrainian government’s warning that “all legal means” will be used to disperse protesters. Such developments are alarming signals that President Viktor Yanukovych has decided to escalate the three-month long crisis over demonstrators’ demands for closer ties to the West and greater democracy.

Freedom House urges President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda to reverse his announced plan to sign the Anti-Homosexuality bill passed by the Ugandan parliament, a measure that would allow punishment of up to life in prison for homosexuality.

Ethiopia’s renewed push for admission to the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) should be closely scrutinized due to the limited role Ethiopia has granted to civil society and a hostile legal environment that minimizes meaningful debate, Freedom House and Civicus World Alliance for Citizen Participation said.

In the latest of a series of government attacks on civil society groups, the Sudanese National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS) on February 11 raided the headquarters of El-Shorook Forum, which promotes intercultural dialogue through the arts, and halted its operations. It was the 13th such organization forced closed since 2012. Freedom House condemns the government of Sudan for its repression of civil society organizations, and urges the government to allow them to perform their work, vital to democratic society.

Freedom House is deeply concerned by the violence that followed peaceful student-led marches across Venezuela on February 12, in which at least three people died. We urge the Venezuelan government to take immediate steps to restore the right to peaceful protest and to investigate the deaths.

Freedom House se encuentra profundamente consternado por la violencia que se ha desatado en las manifestaciones pacíficas de los estudiantes en toda Venezuela este 12 de Febrero, en las que murieron al menos tres personas. Instamos al gobierno de Venezuela que tome acciones inmediatas para restaurar el derecho a protestar pacíficamente y que investigue las muertes ocurridas el pasado miércoles.