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Russia’s promise of financial aid to Ukraine will not restore Ukrainians’ trust in their government and does not respond to their demand for closer ties to the European Union, Freedom House said today.

Freedom House congratulates Mariclaire Acosta, director of its Mexico program, for being elected to Mexico’s Advisory Council of the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH). Her appointment by Mexico’s Senate reflects a lifetime of dedication to protecting the fundamental rights of all Mexicans.

Freedom House expresses its strong disapproval of Saudi Arabia’s conviction December 12 of human rights activist Omar al-Saeed for advocating for the creation of a constitutional monarchy. He is the fourth member of the Saudi Civil and Political Rights Association (ACPRA) to be jailed this year, after the group criticized the kingdom’s rulers for their human rights record, and called for moves toward democracy.

Freedom House expresses grave concern over a law being considered in the Russian Duma that would allow prosecutors to block websites on their own authority and without court order. If passed, prosecutors would have wide latitude to block sites alleged to have postings encouraging participation in extremist activities, unsanctioned public events, or mass disorder, among other causes.

Although it has run into repeated delays and crises, the transition in Tunisia has so far muddled through without major violence, and the country remains on a path to become the Arab world’s first stable democracy.

Freedom House strongly condemns the Kenyan Parliament’s vote to permit the National Assembly to alter the content of the Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission’s (TJRC) report and potentially remove mention of prominent persons. Freedom House urges Parliament to abstain from amending the report and instead support further investigations and carry out the TJRC’s recommendations.


Though they express deep disappointment with the government and its leaders, South Africans retain faith in the country’s 20-year old democracy and strong support for the ANC, a new Freedom House report concludes.