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Freedom House condemns the use of force by Ukrainian government forces over the weekend against journalists and protesters in Kyiv, in demonstrations that have been the largest the country has seen since the Orange Revolution in 2004. Freedom House calls on the government in particular as well as the opposition and civil society to avoid violence and the use of force.

Ukraine's future is in danger under Viktor Yanukovych, writes David J. Kramer in a Washington Post op-ed.

Freedom House applauds the South African Supreme Court of Appeal’s order that South African authorities investigate high level Zimbabwean officials accused of crimes against humanity in Zimbabwe. The court said such crimes strike “at the whole of humankind and impinge on the international conscience.” Freedom House calls on authorities to bring alleged perpetrators of international crimes to justice.

If U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel truly wants to support regional stability and U.S. interests at this week’s security summit in Bahrain, he would do well to push the Bahraini government to implement political reforms.

The Ukrainian government has failed to fulfill its pledge to protect the freedom of expression, and corruption and poor ethical standards increasingly plague Ukrainian media, concludes a report issued today by Freedom House.

The acquittal of human rights lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa is a positive step for the rule of law in Zimbabwe and sets an important precedent for judicial independence in the country. Freedom House applauds the verdict and encourages the Zimbabwean government to end the legal harassment of civil society organizations and human rights defenders.