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Freedom House condemns the Kenyan Parliament’s passage of a bill allowing broad government control of the country’s media, and urges President Uhuru Kenyatta to support the country’s vibrant independent media sector by vetoing the legislation.

With a lull in the mass shooting of protesters and the lifting of a state of emergency, the past month presented Egypt’s rulers with an opportunity to return to a democratic path. Instead, the interim authorities have sought to institutionalize their repressive tactics with a restrictive new assembly law and a largely unreformed draft constitution, effectively canceling out the modest gains registered in the latest edition of Freedom House’s Egypt Democracy Compass.

The Russian judiciary’s decision Dec. 3 to uphold laws openly discriminatory against LGBT people is new, alarming evidence that the courts are not protecting basic human rights, Freedom House said. Statutes banning "propaganda" of homosexuality among minors are helping create a hostile environment for LGBT people in Russia and are used to justify bans on public events and demonstrations.

Long after the end of the Kosovo conflict, survivors of gender-based violence associated with the war continue to face political and social obstacles in their struggle for justice.

Freedom House condemns the use of force by Ukrainian government forces over the weekend against journalists and protesters in Kyiv, in demonstrations that have been the largest the country has seen since the Orange Revolution in 2004. Freedom House calls on the government in particular as well as the opposition and civil society to avoid violence and the use of force.

Ukraine's future is in danger under Viktor Yanukovych, writes David J. Kramer in a Washington Post op-ed.

Freedom House applauds the South African Supreme Court of Appeal’s order that South African authorities investigate high level Zimbabwean officials accused of crimes against humanity in Zimbabwe. The court said such crimes strike “at the whole of humankind and impinge on the international conscience.” Freedom House calls on authorities to bring alleged perpetrators of international crimes to justice.