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Freedom House released a new guide for athletes, journalists, spectators, and sponsors of the 2014 Winter Olympics, which documents ongoing human rights abuses by Russian authorities, through a detailed timeline and slideshow.

View the interactive guide here.

Sarah Cook examines China's treatment of foreign journalists at a roundtable held by the Congressional-Executive Commission on China.

Democracy advocates would do well to scrutinize the white paper released last month by the Scottish National Party in preparation for an independence referendum scheduled for September 2014. The document and the vote it heralds may have important implications for the viability of multinational democracies elsewhere, the global balance of forces between free and authoritarian countries, and the fundamental notion of democracy as a sturdy supplier of good governance.


On Human Rights Day, Freedom House recognizes the work of human rights defenders in the Eurasia region.

December 10, 2013 marked Human Rights Day, and the 65th anniversary of the UNGA’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Freedom House strongly condemns renewed efforts by Iranian authorities to suppress online freedom of information, and calls on the government of Hassan Rouhani to fulfill its campaign promise of greater social and political freedoms.

Further use of force by Ukrainian authorities should lead to the immediate imposition of targeted sanctions by the United States and European Union against Ukrainian officials responsible for such actions, Freedom House said today. Freedom House also calls on President Viktor Yanukovych to offer his resignation as a way to trigger early presidential elections, the only non-violent way to end the standoff with demonstrators. The international community must stand with the democratic aspirations of those brave Ukrainian people who have taken to the streets.