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Torture and ill-treatment are widespread across Central Asia. In the past few years, with the support of USAID, Freedom House has worked with civil society groups in Kyrgyzstan and throughout Central Asia to elevate the issue and prevent torture. These images remind us of the individual stories of pain and injustice and that torture and inhumane treatment are never justified.

“People do want to live in freedom and dignity... in the long run, with or without outside help, they will prevail," stated Fred Hiatt in a keynote address to the conference “Civil Society Under Assault” hosted by Freedom House and Human Rights First.

Compared to the G8 meeting in June in Northern Ireland, when he seemed isolated on the issue of Syria, Vladimir Putin seemed to have lots of company in opposing any possible U.S. military action at last week’s G20 meeting in St. Petersburg. Reasonable people can have legitimate differences over what should be done in Syria after Assad’s use of chemical weapons, but before one aligns with Putin on this issue—or accepts at face value his latest proposal on international oversight of Syria’s chemical weapons—it is important to understand that the Russian leader doesn’t merely oppose use of force against his like-minded Syrian colleague.

Freedom House denuncia la decisión del gobierno Venezolano de retirarse de la Convención Americana de Derechos Humanos, que entra en vigor hoy, un año después del anuncio del Presidente Hugo Chávez

On the 40th anniversary of the military-led coup d’état in Chile, Freedom House recognizes the victims of human rights violations perpetrated by the military regime and urges the government to fulfill its obligation to provide truth and justice to the victims and their families.

Human rights groups are routinely tarred in today’s Egyptian media—including social media—as either “traitors supporting terrorism” or “mercenaries selling their services to the highest bidder.” They are being denounced for treachery despite their utter dedication and consistency in standing by the principles of human rights and democracy through all the regime changes of the past three years. The general phenomenon is sadly familiar, but the current assault is especially severe, taking new forms and gaining wider public support.

While the mayoral election in Moscow on Sunday, September 8th represented an improvement in some respects over previously flawed elections in Russia, Freedom House urges authorities to hold off on declaring outright victory and scheduling the inauguration for Sergei Sobyanin until all outstanding issues are resolved.