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Authoritarian regimes around the world are banding together to bypass international institutions and human rights norms that conflict with their abusive practices. Unlike the alliances of the Cold War era, these partnerships have few ideological underpinnings other than a shared rejection of democracy and the rule of law. But such cooperation has offered aid and solidarity to dictators under pressure, and created a marketplace through which repressive regimes can meet their technology, security, and energy needs without the headaches of transparency and accountability. And if the seven-year decline in global freedom recorded by Freedom House is any indication, authoritarianism is, sadly, a growth industry.

Freedom House thanks U.S. and European democratic leaders for their support in response to the Egyptian authorities sentencing 43 NGO workers to prison on Tuesday, including six currently with Freedom House and a former staff member. House Majority Leader Cantor and Minority Whip Hoyer said, "We are deeply disappointed by [Tuesday's] verdict at the Cairo Criminal Court, which represents just the latest assault by the Egyptian government on civil society."

The revelation that the Federal Bureau of Investigation and National Security Agency have been carrying out a secret surveillance program of American cell phone calls raises serious concerns and important questions about individual privacy in a digital age.

Members of the U.S. government – including Congress, the State Department and White House – and European governments issued public statements in response to the recent decision to convict 43 non-governmental organization (NGO) workers.

In the weeks since the Boston Marathon bombing, a number of Russian officials, including President Vladimir Putin, have made pointed comments on America’s indirect encounter with the ongoing conflict between the Russian government and Islamist insurgents in the North Caucasus region. The message can be summarized in two phrases: “We told you so” and “We’re all in the same boat now.”

June 6, 2013 – Freedom House today urged President Obama to emphasize in his upcoming meetings with President Xi Jinping that political reform and an improved human rights environment in China are critical to a strengthening of overall ties between China and the United States.

A bill passed by the Nigerian House of Representatives on May 30, to ban same-sex marriage and prohibit organizations from advocating for same-sex rights, violates the rights of LGBTI people and should be vetoed by President Goodluck Jonathan. Freedom House urges the international community to condemn the bill and pressure the Nigerian government to abandon the measure and repeal the country’s existing sodomy law and other restrictive measures that undermine the human dignity of LGBTI persons.