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Freedom in the World, Freedom House’s flagship publication, is the standard-setting comparative assessment of global political rights and civil liberties. See highlights from the launch of Freedom in the World 2013 on January 16 in Washington D.C.

Freedom House condemns the violent attacks against LGBT rights activists in two Russian cities who were peacefully protesting against an anti-homosexuality bill to be considered by Russia’s Duma. The attacks, which occurred in Voronezh and Moscow, resulted in numerous injuries and at least one person was hospitalized.

Freedom House has compiled a series of questions for Senator John Kerry, who has been nominated as the next U.S. secretary of state. Kerry’s confirmation hearing before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee is scheduled for Thursday, January 24.

يعتبر  ظهور  الحركات الشعبية الاصلاحية القوة الدافعة وراء تحقيق مكاسب كبيرة فى الشرق الاوسط  التقرير السنوى لمؤسسة بيت الحرية   2013 حول حالة الحرية فى العالم  " . وقد شهدت عدد من المناطق انتكاسات كان السبب الرئيسى ورائها تشدد ودهاء الانظمة المستبدة  فى طريقة تعاطيها مع تلك الحركات الاصلاحية . وقد اعلن السيد  "أرش ﺑودﻳﻧﺟﺗون" نائب رئيس قسم الابحاث بمؤسسة بيت الحرية ان "النتائج التى توصلنا اليها تشير الى ان هناك تطور متزايد  لما يسمى بالمتسلطين  الجدد  " الذين يتمتعون بالمرونة ويسيئون استخدام الاطار التشريعى للدولة  لدعم حكمهم , ولديهم مهارة في تقنيات الدعاية الحديثة, ويتسمون بالعصبية التى تدفعهم لاضطهاد  الحركات الشعبية للتغيير  .

The International Partnership Group, which includes Freedom House and other prominent international human rights organizations, urged the Parliamentary Assembly in the Council of Europe to make a strong call for Azerbaijan to improve its deteriorating human rights record.

This week marks the release of Freedom in the World 2013, the latest edition of an annual report on global political rights and civil liberties that Freedom House launched nearly 40 years ago.  Of the 195 sovereign countries assessed in this year’s report, none was as important to the future direction of global freedom as Egypt, and none was as complex. Egypt, in fact, showed sufficient gains for the year to register an improvement from Not Free to Partly Free on the Freedom House scale. But as the overview narrative for the report notes, “Developments in Egypt encapsulated a pattern in which gains for freedom in the Middle East and North Africa were threatened by opposition from governments, security forces, ruling families, or religiously based political factions.”