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Today, a Kuwaiti court’s decision to sentence three former opposition leaders to three years hard labor for criticizing the emir signals a continuation of the government’s crackdown on dissent spurred by rising political unrest. The former parliament members, Falah al-Sawwagh, Bader al-Dahoum and Khaled al-Tahous, were unjustly charged after making speeches opposing changes to Kuwait’s voting laws.


As Armenia prepares for a presidential election on February 18, the international community should direct its attention to a recent proposal by a presidential advisory body that—if implemented—would drastically increase government control over civil society in the country.

Freedom House condemns the decision by the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) to grant the presidency of the organization to Cuba. This decision is a contradiction of CELAC’s principles and values according to their foundational document, the Declaration of Caracas, which explicitly notes the protection and promotion of all human rights and democracy as core values of the organization.

Max M. Kampelman was many men to many people. He was well known to presidents who appointed him to vital national missions. As a public servant, he displayed personal courage in advancing controversial causes in national and international affairs.

Freedom House lost a champion of the global struggle for human rights with the passing of Ambassador Mark Palmer. 

This Thursday, former senator Chuck Hagel will appear before the Senate Armed Services Committee to seek confirmation as secretary of defense. While he will not have primary responsibility for U.S. foreign relations in that post, he will have substantial influence over U.S. policy toward regimes that are hostile to both American interests and democracy. Senator Hagel’s record on these issues raises critical questions that should be addressed during the hearing, which are included in the following blog post.