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More than 100 human rights groups and journalists call for an end to crimes against freedom of expression in Veracruz, Mexico.

Más de 100 grupos de derechos humanos y periodistas piden que se ponga fin a los delitos contra la libertad de expresión en Veracruz, México.

On Sunday, June 17, Sudanese police violently retaliated against peaceful protests that began in the female dorms at the University of Khartoum and had spread to the entire university campus by Saturday. Freedom House calls upon the Sudanese government to immediately end the violent actions of its police forces and to allow Sudanese citizens to protest according to their rights as enshrined in the Sudanese constitution.

Freedom House applauds the government of Kyrgyzstan for recent critical steps it has taken to combat torture, including the creation of a partnership with civil society to work on torture prevention, as well as the passage of a law creating a torture prevention mechanism.

Freedom House is concerned by reports that journalists from local and national Peruvian media outlets were assaulted on June 14 by police while covering clashes between anti-mining protesters and police in the city of Cajamarca. Protesters were on their 15th day of a strike against the Conga mining project.

“Paradoxical” is how many describe the complexity of India. Astronomical growth coupled with extreme poverty, a vibrant citizenry coexisting with intense corruption, and modernity juxtaposed with antiquity confound and confuse observers.

Paradoxical also describes two simultaneous trends in India’s democracy. As suggested over the last few years, and reinforced in 2012, India is transitioning away from identity-based politics, yet also returning power to identity-based parties.

Freedom House strongly condemns the decision today by a  Bahraini appeals court to issue prison sentences to nine Bahraini medics charged for their role in the country’s pro-democracy movement.