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New York Times columnist Thomas L. Friedman interviews Nancy Okail, director of Freedom House's Egypt office. Read the full article here.

Freedom House condemns the brutal killing on April 23 of television reporter Noel Valladares and his two friends, Marcos Gutierrez and Adonis Escoto.

The Egyptian government’s announcement that it intends to review and potentially cancel the licenses of 8 foreign NGOs, including the Carter Center, is another escalation of its crackdown on civil society and raises a red flag regarding its intention to conduct a free and fair presidential election in May.

Buddhist monk Venerable Luon Sovath is one of three finalists for the prestigious Martin Ennals Award for human rights defenders announced today in Geneva. The announcement event is being ‘broadcast’ live at 11am Geneva time (5am ET) on

by Susan Corke and David J. Kramer

Freedom House hosted a panel discussion April 20 to discuss the challenges civil society faces as they work to promote political and civil liberties in the Middle East and North Africa.

Freedom House President David Kramer, speaking at the Stockholm Internet Forum on April 18, called for legislation to curb sales to repressive regimes of US and European technology used to censor internet content and monitor online activity.